Quality Officer (Site Based)

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Job Description

Responsible for ensuring compliance with the company ISO 9001 Quality Management System on site whilst also performing various necessary quality process control related duties, ensuring quality conformance to specifications, designs, and customer requirements. Must provide advice and implement quality assurance and control measures and perform administrative activities such as checking and completing all QA and QC documentation. 

Minimum Requirements / Qualifications

Minimum Education:

  • 2-year tertiary education, diploma technical/ technical trade qualification

Additional Qualifications:

  • Experience and knowledge in Quality with ISO 9001 QMS and Auditing completed courses, experience in electrical or civil construction of sub-stations/ overhead lines/ overhead track equipment/ renewable energy projects, Computer literacy, valid driver’s license and valid medical certificate of fitness.


  • 0-3 years’ practical experience within a construction environment


  • Effective written and verbal communication with all interested parties (internal & external).
  • SHEQ observation and coaching (SOC’s) weekly.
  • Report complaints (internal and external) on mySHEQ system and Construction Manager.
  • Ensure good relationship with Clients (internal and external) and build on it.
  • Compile, update, and implement project quality management plan (PQMP) according to Client requirements.
  • Obtain all necessary product acceptance and product release inspection records.
  • Compile product data pack in accordance with the Company or Client requirements.
  • Prepare, complete/ compile, and maintain Inspection & Test Plans (ITP’s) according to Client requirements.
  • Obtain the signatures of all parties involved on all quality related documentation.
  • Review and maintain PQMP, ITP’s, QCS’s, product data packs and revise when required.
  • Report changes needed to PQMP, ITP, QCS’s and product data packs with the Quality- and Construction Manager and revise it accordingly.
  • Continuously update the project master list of documentation.
  • Attend to product inspections at Supplier and Company Stores prior to release or being issued for use.
  • Communicate noted deviation, using the nonconformance system.
  • Ensure document and record control of all quality related documentation (M-Files and hardcopy file).
  • Identify, report, and investigate noted deviations (product defects, reworks, SHEQ incidents, work
    execution training needs, etc.)
  • Ensure quality inspection on executed work is recorded and documentation is maintained.
  • Ensure quality compliance of subcontractors.
  • Ensure ISO9001 is implemented, maintained, and audited as per the standard and Company